Visiting The Optometrist And What To Expect

2 August 2017
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It is very important that you have your eyes checked every year. Your eyes can constantly be changing, and the change can be so slow that you may not even notice that anything has changed. Many people have not visited with an optometrist since they were in grade school, and it is simply not smart to let your vision be a second thought. At least once a year it is important that you have your eyes checked. If it has been a long time since you have met with an eye doctor, here are a few things that you can expect from an eye exam.

Snellen Test

The optometrist is likely to have you look at the Snellen Chart to get a general idea of how your eyesight is. The Snellen Chart has letters or numbers that range in size from big to small. You will be asked to read the chart from top to bottom and from left to right. In order to check the vision in both eyes the doctor will have you cover one eye and read the chart, and then repeat the exercise with the other eye. You will also be asked to repeat the letters or numbers in different directions just to be sure you did not memorize the chart. Also the doctor may have you read the letters from differing distances.

Eye Muscles

The doctor will want to know how your eye movement is, and will therefore have you look at a moving light and watch it from side to side and also from left to right. This will show the doctor that your eye muscles are working properly. The doctor may also ask you to notify him or her when the light reaches a specific spot on the wall. This will allow the doctor to assess if you are able to process the visual information properly.

Lens Test

If your eyes are in need of some aid, with glasses or contacts, the doctor will have you sit in a chair and will put a large machine over your eyes. The machine has many different lenses and the doctor will ask you to evaluate your vision with the aid of some different glasses. It can be difficult to decide which lens is better or worse, so just be honest with the optometrist and he or she will be able to help you to the best of their ability. This machine will help the doctor know what prescription to give you to aid in your sight.