Eye Care Treatments

28 December 2020
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Maintaining optical health starts with getting annual checkups. Vision benefits are often neglected and not always used before they expire at the end of the year. Maintaining vision health often starts with a simple optical exam to see any changes within the eye. There are a few benefits of having annual eye exams.

Reach out to a local optometrist and see what benefits are included with the vision plan. This may include an eye exam, eyeglass, or contact lenses. After the health of the eyes is examined, many people may be concerned about the diagnosis. The staff will set aside time for treatment options. A series of eye care treatments may be recommended to start immediately. These treatments will be specific to the diagnosis that was given.

Diabetic Eye Problems

Diabetic retinopathy patients are prone to developing conditions as their disease progresses. Cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy diminish the health of the eyes over time. It may take years for the blood vessels within the eyes to weaken. Retinopathy targets the retina and over time blood vessels in the eye may leak. Small amounts of fluid or blood may visibly leak. When the leaking happens, the vision may blur. Over time, many diabetics will lose vision in one or both eyes. If the retina is affected by too much pressure or becomes torn, scar tissue can form and detach the retina. Treatments may include laser surgery or in-office treatments to prevent blindness. The chance of the treatment's success improves when the first signs are identified by the eye care provider in a screening.

Age-Related Eye Problems

The annual exam will reveal any eye issues caused by getting older. The macula in the center of the retina deteriorates at a faster rate than the rest of the ye. Treatment done consistently can help to preserve vision. Examples of treatment are changing the diet, laser treatment, and prescription medication. 

Prescriptions that are accurate will help patients have clear vision while driving and navigating indoors. Preventing accidents when wearing corrective lenses is important. Glasses that are damaged can be brought in for an assessment. Optical product repairs can help to extend the life of glasses in between insurance benefits. Some insurance companies give eyeglass benefits every other year. Take time to have an annual visit to check the health of your eyes and to set up ongoing treatment to prevent any additional vision loss.

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